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Panayiotis Nikolaides

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panayiotis nikolaides

Panayiotis Nikolaides hails from Famagusta, but was born in Nicosia in 1974. He works as a Greek Literature secondary school teacher. At the same time however, he busies himself with music, with which he came into contact from a very young age. 

While proficient in a number of instruments, his main instrument over the last few years is the lute, with which he enjoys a particularly personal relationship, just like most instrumentalists of traditional music, whose experiences formed the source from which he drew and still draws his particular style of playing of this traditional instrument. He has appeared as a musician in a number of quality music venues in Cyprus. For a few years now, he busied himself diligently with Cypriot traditional music through his collaboration with Michalis Tterlikkas as a member of the “Mousa” musical company (January 2001 – March 2014). Within the scope of this collaboration, he has taken part in international festivals, radio and television programmes, and many concerts in Cyprus and abroad. He plays the lute in Michalis Tterlikkas’ album “Kypraia Foni – Tracing Back Through the Years” (2002) and “Kypraia Foni – A Welcome to our guests"(2008).