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Ιnterpreter – researcher of Cypriot traditional music

Costas Karpasitis

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kostas karpasitis

Costas Karpasitis was born in the village of Mammari in 1965. He has a Diploma in the Violin and in Advanced Theory of Music, but is also versed in a number of other instruments. He is, furthermore, a qualified piano tuner and repair specialist, as well as a music educator for the blind.

In 1991, he had his first serious contact with Cypriot traditional music, by playing the violin in the “Adhoulotoi”-Shakallis refugee folklore association. It was then that his close collaboration with traditional Cypriot singer Michalis Tterlikkas was also forged, with Michalis bringing him into contact with older folk instrumentalists as well as with older recordings, both of which formed the model for his own interpretations. Within the scope of this collaboration, Costas has taken part in international festivals, radio and television programmes, and many concerts both in Cyprus and abroad. He appears, on the violin, in Michalis Tterlikkas’ CD album “Ton Yennon dje tis Lambris” (1998), “Kypraia Foni – Tracing Back Through the Years” (2002) and “Kypraia Foni – A Welcome to our guests" (2008).