Michalis Terlikkas
Ιnterpreter – researcher of Cypriot traditional music

Music Troupe “Mousa”

Music Troupe “Mousa” | Costas Karpasitis | Yiannis Souroullas | Nikos Souroullas | Panayiotis Nikolaides

The music troupe began taking shape on the initiative of Michalis Tterlikkas circa 1985. In the beginning, its members were not fixed, but were determined by the needs of each show and according to which musicians were available. So, taking part in the group at various times were: Yeorgios Averof, Koullis Phylaktou, Demetris Katsaris (Pitrakkis), Stelios Papadopoulos, Michalakis Elia (all on the violin), and Michalis Poullos, Neophytos Roussos, Christodoulos Pipis, Xenis Liontaris, Costas Mikhail, Michalis Socratous and Yiannis Melas on the lute.


Following that period, in 1991, and since conditions had matured enough so that there was, by then, a satisfactory number of engagements in order to put together a fixed-member group, the troupe took on a more stable form with Savvas Stephanou or Costas Karpasitis on the violin, and Yiannis Souroullas on the lute. In 1992, Nikos Souroullas on the tamboutcha was added to the group, since the specific instrument was always seen by us as the most authentic percussion instrument of Cyprus. From that time and to the present, our musical company “Mousa”, remains practically unchanged, comprising:

  • Μichalis Tterlikkas  (group leader) song
  • Costas Karpasitis violin, song
  • Yiannis Souroullas lute, song
  • Nikos Souroullas tamboutcha, song
  • Panayiotis Nikolaides* lute, song

In special cases the troupe is complemented by additional collaborators, such as:

  • Nikoletta Demetriou song
  • Kyriakos Yiorgallas santur, clarinet
  • Andreas Gristakkos shepherd flute, tchattista


”Mousa” uses only local traditional instruments and enjoys particular distinction for its stalwart dedication to the ethos and expression of Cyprus’ traditional music. It features quite a rich repertoire, constantly enhanced through the research and listening experiences of Michalis Tterlikkas. Despite the fact that not all members have been the recipients of formal music education, they implement the truly traditional method for learning new songs: the auditory method.

“Mousa”, wishing to pass on the message that our traditional music is not “a museum piece” musical genre which has died but rather a living music which can function in today’s society as well, has not adopted uniform costumes dating back to a specific age, but appears in simple attire of today’s day and age.

In its course so far, “Mousa” has made its presence felt in the milieu of our demotic music, appearing throughout the free areas of Cyprus as well as at highly-demanding events abroad. Furthermore, it has, under its belt, a number of radio and television programmes, while it has also participated in Michalis Tterlikkas’ recordings listed below:

  • “Ton Yennon dje tis Lambris” (Of Christmas and Easter) - Cypriot and Greek Carols, Cypriot Religious Songs and Hymns - 1998 (Compact Disc)
  • “Kypraia Foni" (Cypriot Voice) – Tracing Back Through the Years – 2002. Double CD.
  • “Kypraia Foni" (Cypriot Voice) – A Welcome to our guests – 2008. Double CD.

The troupe’s aim and concern is the preservation and dissemination of our traditional music, as well as its re-incorporation into the entertainment of the Cypriots of today.

*Panayiotis Nikolaides was a member of the “company” from January 2001 to March 2014